Friday, January 11, 2019

Book Review: Samuel McKibben, The God of the Miraculous

Samuel McKibben told me he wrote the God of the Miraculous as a record for his grandchildren.  He wanted them to know some of the miracles God had done in his lifetime.  Friends insightfully encouraged him to have the work published and we are all the richer. 

Subtitled, Amazing things happen when we believe, the book is a testimony of how God honored Samuel's faith with remarkable miracles of weather, healing, deliverance, and provision amidst a ministry which helped many come to know Jesus and to experience him in his power. 

The short book is very readable, written in a clear, gripping style and flowing seamlessly from story to story with occasional, pertinent application to the reader.   For the most part it follows the chronology of Samuel's life and ministry in the Apostolic Church of the UK which took him to Wales, Aberdeen, Glasgow, the Highlands of Scotland, and Italy. 

One of the many stories of healing involved a woman with a deformed leg which was restored so that she could run again.  Her doctor documented its growth from eighteen to twenty-one inches, and had no explanation for what happened (65-66).  He also describes stories of deliverance from demonic oppression and situation after situation in which God led him through a clear prophetic word.   Samuel pioneered work in the Highlands of Scotland and helped coordinate the Billy Graham live link event across churches the Highlands in which many came to faith in Christ, including Agnes Ferguson, the woman who is now my wife.  Together with colleagues he developed a training program for leadership development in the UK which has also been utilized by the Apostolic Church in Italy. 

I had the opportunity to meet Samuel in Inverness after reading his book.  He is a sharp, joyful man in his eighties who continues to serve the Lord at every opportunity.  Having met the man and knowing others who are well acquainted with him, I have no doubt as to the authenticity of his ministry and stories.  I felt both encouraged and convicted to know God better and to seek his gracious and powerful interventions in my life and in the church I serve.  I encourage everyone who wants to see the reality of God to read this book and let it give you a vision for more.

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