Friday, November 6, 2015

Scotland needs missionaries!

I wrote this for school last month... this is why we are here!   Pray for Scotland!  If God tells you to come join his mission, then get over here!

Scotland has a rich history of mission, reformation and revival.  However, today this kingdom of 5.1 million people has only an approximate 153,000 evangelical Christians, which is just 3% of the population; the country also has a growing Muslim immigrant population.[1]  The largest denomination, the Church of Scotland, has plummeted in its membership from 1.2 million in 1966 to 400,000 in 2013[2]; moreover, it is handicapped by much nominalism and liberalism and by the influence of Freemasonry.  Today, 42% of Scots say Christian faith is "not at all...relevant to my life".[3]  From a socio-economic level, Scotland is the "worst-performing Western European nation", a problem likely linked to the high instances of out of wedlock births (nearly 50%) and alcohol and drug abuse.[4] 

In 1910, the World Missionary Conference was convened to advance foreign missions. The host city for this conference was Edinburgh, Scotland.  To say things have changed is an understatement.  Have no doubt: today, in 2015, Scotland itself is very much a mission field.

In spite of the depletion of church membership, there are signs of openness in the culture and renewal in the church.  54% of people have a "very favorable" or "fairly favorable" view of Christianity; 83% think church is a "very... or... fairly favorable thing for a community."[5]   More young people than adults respect the authority of Scripture (36%) and say that faith "has transformed my life" (23%).[6]  Undoubtedly these evidences of the Spirit's work are occurring in answer to prayer.  How much more will happen if you also join the ranks of the intercessors?  In the New Testament, James writes, "you do not have, because you do not ask."[7]  Scripture commands us to pray for all people[8], to pray for God's kingdom to come[9], and to pray the Lord of the harvest will thrust workers into his harvest field.[10]  Do you believe these commands are for you?  Do you believe God will answer your prayers?  Do you believe God in his love longs to change Scotland, and he will, if his people pray?

Jesus' last command was to make disciples of all nations.[11]  God asks us how people can call on him to be saved unless gospel preachers are sent - the implication is, someone must go.[12]  When you pray, one of the ways Jesus will answer is by sending people to Scotland as missionaries.  He will speak to Christian men, women, and young people in Scottish towns and cities, in other parts of Great Britain, and in far off nations, asking, "Will you join the ranks of those fighting on the ground for the souls of Scottish people?"  Who does he send?  Ordinary Christians who are willing.  Today God is raising up an army to contend for his honor in the hearts of Scots.  You are not reading this post today by accident.  Will you invite God to place his love for Scotland in your heart?  Will you commit to praying for this nation as the Spirit enables you?  Will you tell God, "If you send me to Scotland, I will go"?

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