Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Broken, Grace, Worship

Edinburgh skyline 9 am

                                                    Caldercruix skyline 830 pm

So here we are in our little Scottish village.  We came with this huge sense of 'sentness', God calling, opening doors, clearing the way for a purpose.  Honestly it's very easy for me to take pride in that as if it was something particularly noteworthy in me that brought the 'call'.  God has his way of dealing with that.  Pride.  Funny/painful/humbling how God allows us to see what we are apart from him - this last week has been one of my hardest at being a 'good Christian' in a very long time... coming up over and over really short on the fruit of the Spirit.  Constantly having to confess my sin.  Right.  Whatever God is doing, it's all because of grace.  It's going to have to be because the raw material he has to work with here is just not going to cut it.  Ever

Man I love when he wakens my heart and mind to grace again.  It's all we've got. And there is more than enough.

So today my family is off visiting grandma, and I am filling the time in the evening  with a bit of mountain biking, and then picking up the guitar for a bit of worship.  I go to a seminary where we sing a Psalm a capella twice a day with incredible gusto, and today as we sang Psalm 100 - such beautiful music and rich words - I'm thinking, 'I can hear that going well with a bit of guitar.'  Now is my time to give it a go.   I start with a 4/4 rhythm but settle on a folksy 6/8.  I don't know what these folks here will think of me messing with their Scottish Psalter but it's doing my heart good to sing.

I finish up and I'm asking the Lord - so what are we here to do?  And I hear his whisper - 'you're here to worship me.'  I'm thinking, surely there are people here doing that already.  We certainly can join our voices with theirs to lift up the name of Jesus in our village.  But I hear him saying it again, 'you're here to worship me.'  And I feel the weight of 'mission' that in a sense I've put on myself being lifted off.  And I remember he just wants our hearts.  That the work he's begun in us, he completes it as we look to the cross, not as we see ourselves as oh so important and 'we'd better keep busy'.  And I remember that it was as the disciples worshiped Jesus that they heard that amazing word "go..." which launched the church into the nations and launched us into Caldercruix, Scotland.   I have a hunch that as we worship we just might become more like Jesus.  I for one need that.  And as we worship we just might hear him give us the next step.  Whatever comes, for us or for you, let him be given all the glory.  Because it's all his grace.

Oh - here's the song.  (wait 10 seconds till it starts:)). 

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